Entry #1

help pleaz

2008-07-17 02:08:32 by Angel1212

im new and i would like if some one could help me.


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2008-07-17 02:10:21

Well, I bid you hello, but I must ask what is it that you need help with?

Angel1212 responds:

ok. the only thing i need help with is making a friend.


2008-07-17 02:27:40

Hey, you seem like a pretty silly guy!! Why don't you tell some lightbulb jokes??
http://stagbeetle.newgrounds.com/news /post/135877

Angel1212 responds:

ok!! ^^


2008-08-11 22:54:34

Don't use the forum, the entire page is full of dick jokes and MS Paint penises.


2008-08-15 16:23:16

You mild mannered Beast!
What do you think your doing!?